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Limelight Public Relations is a boutique PR firm that specializes in life & style. We've worked with a diverse group of clientele, from Fortune 500 companies and political campaigns, to sporting events, nonprofits and start-ups. We've managed film premieres, fashion events, red carpets with Academy Award winning actors and sports, from skateboarding contests to snowboarding destinations and events.

We’re endlessly creative. We go beyond traditional media pitches and dig through every story to ensure wide-ranging coverage across media platforms with unique angles. As award-winning writers, we know what the media want.

We’re results-driven and our ability to achieve maximum exposure is unparalleled. We work seamlessly with our clients to deliver outstanding results and we have the testimonials to prove it.

Our experience is extensive and diverse. Prior to starting Limelight, our team members worked at major national and international PR firms. While we loved the work, we all agree that a big agency simply cannot compete with a personal approach to client service.

Our business has been generated 100 percent from referrals from our colleagues and clients. We’re confident that few, if any, other agencies can say this. Our clients believe in our results, trust our counsel and value our relationships enough to refer us to help others grow their businesses.